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RFID Passport Madness

I’m getting tired of hearing about them. Yes, they suck. However, it’s trivial, from what I understand, to defeat people who want to scan them without your permission. Just carry the damned thing around in a wallet woven with copper wires, or a solid case made out of some some conductive metal. You’d think that after two hundred and seventy years, more people would have heard of Faraday cages. That said, we shouldn’t have to bother, but if the government is going to go on about their idiot quest to make us less safe through ill-considered technological initiatives and pointless wars of agression, then we should do more than just wring our hands and make ourselves martyrs to other people’s idiocy. I mean, sure, most people won’t figure out about it and might just get taken advantage of because they’re easily identifiable. Me? I’m gonna hang around in foriegn airports with a bag of the aforementioned cases and wallets and a scanner. Sell them to tourists on their way out into the big bad world along with pamphlets about how to pass yourself off as a native of Toronto.

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