association-list a veritable mint for dunning-kruggerands


So, I did another bookshelf check the other day and the results are depressing.

Partially read
stuff. Unread

  • Hardcover:

    • Unread: 4
    • Partial: 2
  • Trade Paper:

    • Unread: 18
    • Partial: 13
  • Mass Market:

    • Unread: 18
    • Partial: 3
  • Totals:

    • Unread: 40
    • Partial: 18
  • Grand Total: 58

So obviously I’m more than a little behind. And I’m going to the bookstore for the book club this afternoon, so I’ll likely get some more , because I have a problem. But that isn’t the issue that I want to talk about today.

If you look at the notes for the partially read stack of books, you’ll see that there’re two stacks of magainzes, F&SF and Asimov’s. Those stacks are respectively eight and nine issues tall. I buy them and then I put them on the stack and I never read them, because I have too many books to read. But 18 short magazines seems like a small enough number to movtivate myself to tackle in a week, assuming that I apply some determination to the process, and a lot of time. I feel like I should do something for it, though, so I’m going to attempt to write up the best/most interesting stories from each issue, and make a list at the end of people that I’ve not heard of who’re interesting, sort of a ‘names to watch out for’ thing. Of course, considering my history, now that I’ve announced it, it won’t happen, but I’ll see what I can do. Oh well.

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