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Birthday Update

I am twenty-nine today.


So, not dead, just busy. In lieu of providing an update on things that I’ve been reading recently, as is traditional, I’ll gloss over that and give a detailed update on things that I’ve been writing. The reading is not going so well, due to busyness and the lack of notable books published over the winter season. I’ll update eventually, but it’s more likely to happen once I’ve gotten through a few recently acquired books. Mostly, I’ve been chewing my way through short story collections, which I find hard to comment upon cogently. Mostly, talking about them ends up as snarky attacks on the taste of the editor, which is something that I’d rather avoid (not that that preference is something that has stopped me much prior to this).


Novel in progress:

Tracking spreadsheet is here. Feel free to heckle and prod if you see the numbers starting to slip. Note that the title is going to go. I really love the quote, but it doesn’t fit the book. Haven’t thought of anything better yet, however.

Short stories:

There are a couple, and, because I am a slacker, none have been sent out yet. Three of them tie in with the novel.


The first tie in, detailing some interesting events in the history of two of the primary characters. The closest to being sent out, it just wants one or two more serious revisions, which I promise I’ll get around to soon.

Cast up by the sea.

Second tie in, more history and some hints as to what, exactly, is really going on. This needs some serious revision, to the point that I’m hesitating to even call it done. No idea when I’ll be done with it.

Untitled/The Screw.

The third, and the most difficult of the three. I’m happier with it, structurally, than Cast up, but it’s missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on, and will stay around here until I get that worked out.


SF story that I’m pretty happy with. I lost a draft that I really liked, and am going to have to try again. It lacks a real ending, but fairly well captures what I was going for. It’s been shelved for quite a while now, so I really should pick it up again.

Leave Home

This is an ancient post-singularity story, and I’m not quite sure that it’s worth the rework. Will have to steel myself one of these weekends and give it a better read through, rather than gasping in distaste at the first couple of lines and closing the file. If nothing else, there are some interesting bits of color from my time in Brno that might be reusable elsewhere.

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