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I have some political posts almost done, and will post them (both! I promise!) in the coming week, but mostly I am thinking that I should really do something else with this space. I clearly don’t have enough opinions to post daily (even on twitter). I have to keep the machine around, since I am hosting the farm businesses site on the same server, but I am not sure what to do with this domain.

I no longer read enough, nor like enough of what I do read, for this to be a dedicated space for reviews and criticism. My writing output is too low for it to be some place to dump story snippets and chunks of works in progress. I don’t honestly have unique enough opinions on current events, nor do I have enough subject matter expertise for this site to be dedicated to politics. Farm stuff goes at the farm blog.

In all likelihood, it’ll continue to be as it is, as I don’t have the spare time to make it into anything else. Too busy building nursery tables and (if we get some rain) laying fence.

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